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Flow my tears, fall from your springs, [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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follow me... [Apr. 8th, 2009|03:32 pm]
on twitter or myspace

that's where you will find me now...

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sorry... [Aug. 14th, 2007|02:38 pm]

i will prolly not be around a whole lot...i am working about 70 hours a week between my 2 jobs...

if i don't get back on before...happy birthday Liz!!! and happy birthday Jenn!!! I promise to call when I get a free moment...

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Knees and cars [Aug. 7th, 2007|11:46 am]
[i'm feeling rather |soresore]

So seriousally...shit keeps hitting the fan...I hurt myself at work on Thurday nite...I spained my knee and it look pretty ick...I also, started working my job at Piercing Pagoda...It's really easy and there isn't a whole lot to do. So yah...my knee is fucked up and I start physical therapy today...on top of all of that, some guy rear-ended me on my way to the doctor and my car doesn't look bad...but I have a bad feeling that the frame may be bent...my hood is popped up at a weird angle and the tires are pulling...I'm waiting for his insurance company to call me back...it's his fault...the police said it's his fault, he admitted fault...let's just hope his insurance company doesn't try to ass rape me....Car rentals are also covered in my insurance so I don't need to worry about getting to work.

So I guess that, is that, I couldn't work this morning because pretty much I can't stand or walk for long periods, lift more than 10 pounds, and no kneeling or squatting...haha...squat is a funny word...anyhoo...I'm stressed...everyone is stressed...augh...

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Photography, Photography, Photography!!! [Jul. 31st, 2007|05:17 pm]
[i'm feeling rather |annoyedannoyed]

Photography, Photography, Photography!!! So...life has been life as of late...I am very upset with my job and by far need a new one. I am found out something that makes me so mad it almost made me throw up last night. They hired a fucking parttime cashier and are paying her fucking 10 dollars an hour...mind you, part time and mind you I am going broke making not even 9.50 an hour...fuck this job...I mean I love the animals...but hate the fucking bullshit.

Augh...in other news...the girl who wanted me to take pictures of her I guess decided to have a friend of her's do it instead which she should of just done in the first place. Not to sound like a bitch, but I fucking hate when people waste my time...

Last night was Attrition with High Blue Star and of course The_Nascent. It's like a 3 course meal...they have to go together!!! Of course Sean feed us to our hearts content with his amazing Hummus and a HUGE salad. If only Kyle could cook like that...hehe :) It was by far the_Nascent's best show yet. Their energy was unbelieve. I am way fucking proud of my boys like you wouldn't believe. Kyle has finally taken a huge job out of his shell and I was so happy I almost cried. I love him so much and just seeing him up there makes me so happy I could brust. *lol*

Of course drama couldn't be avoided DJ Duche showed up and tried to rule the show, when wait, he had nothing at all to do with it. It was all promoted by Kyle and Sean. Kyle and Sean made all the fliers. Kyle and Sean booked the bands, and wait, Kyle and Sean are in a band so wait...isn't the show about the bands? He couldn't even fucking say he was sorry about my pictures and I avoided him the whole night afarid if he said 2 words to me I would snap...I hate fucking poser DJ, attention getting whores...don't take credit for things you didn't do...I would rather rant here than cause something in public, so, fuck you.

Next was High Blue Star whom I love, I just want to hear some new songs. They stage show is always lots of fun to watch and Laurie has an amazing voice and for having an electronic kit, Christof rules...

Attrition was even more amazing than when they played here last time. It's shocking how 3 people can put on such a moving stage show. Martian is by far the god of industrial even if he is not credited to it and when you mix in Laurie's vocals and amazing stage performe you get a great show. I took a lot of pictures and was amazing at how good they turned out without a flash. I will give the digital camera credit for that. I've realized that Davey's + flash tends to make pretty shitty pictures.

Anyhoo...that's pretty much it...I was supposed to have an interview with Home Depot yesterday, they called like 3 times to confirm it and than I went there and they told me to call today and reschedule it and than the lady never calls me back. I guess I will just try again tomorrow. Kyle didn't have to go into work until noon and he's getting off at like 6 so he should be home soon. :)

The_Nascent also had a show on Saturday, yah, they have been everywhere like 3 shows in 2 weeks!!! :) They played with theStart another fucking awesome band!!! I will see them next time they come thru!!! They rocked!!!

Last but not least, a few pictures from last night...more can be found
here, along with images of The_Nascent in MN and theStart show on Saturday and many more concert images...

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Good maybe? [Jul. 26th, 2007|10:24 pm]
[i'm feeling rather |artisticartistic]

So I sent my resume to Piercing Pagoda...I know I know...they pierce with guns and that is bad...and I had to do it at Claire's also, but it's a job...so like 2 hours...no even joking later the woman calls me back and makes me do an over the phone interview and I passed that. So I'm going in for an interview tomorrow at 5 after I get off of work. This should be good I hope. I could use the job and the extra money. They also pay pretty okay for it being just a part time job.

I also got the chance to hang out with the lovely Miss. Melissa today and take her pictture. She is trying to be Suicide Girl and we took quite a few today...it was a lot of fun. I don't really get the chance to take pictures with a lot of people. We plan on doing more.

So anyway that was my day...yah...it sucked and it was sort of okay...hopefully I will get a hold of that guy who wants my cello and he will buy it than I will have money in order to give Kyle, yes...

Augh, two big posts in a day...wish me luck tomorrow...
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Fucked up the ass...HARD [Jul. 26th, 2007|01:52 pm]
[i'm feeling rather |depresseddepressed]

So I went to sign up for class today...I had a hold on my account because of those 2 classes they never withdrew me from last semester and also I find out that NONE of my credits will transfer from my last 2 schools, that's right...NONE...which means, yes folks...I spent a good 50,000 for nothing...that's right fucking nothing. They were not accredited schools when I attended them which means my education there amounts to horse shit. I have never been this upset in my life. I have to start school all over again which means spending more money I do not have and than spending even more money in order to get an education. I can't sign up for classes until January either because my FAFSA is behind. I guess that's good because this time, I really am getting a second job and I don't give a shit if I never see anyone because what's more important is getting my bills straighted out...

On top of it, I am behind on every other bill that I have and totally broke. I have set up payment plans with Target and Capital One to get my cards up to date and than I'm going to pay them off and than I'm fucking done with credit cards...I have no idea why I opened them in the first place. I also owe Kyle a 150 dollars for getting my banking account credit again. I have a serious issue and I know it's because I spend money like my parents, on stupid shit I don't need...fuck...

I am going to try and sell a bunch of stuff to see if I can't get any money. I listed my Cello a Craigslist and a guy is offering 200 dollars for it so I way as well take it. I only paid about 350 for it so I'm not losing that much money it's just the 200 now can really help. I can use it to pay back Kyle. It's gonna hurt this month because I have to get back on track and I will be behind on bills and I feel bad always having to have Kyle help me out. I put him behind on bills too...fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...

And of course money is always welcome...*lol* If only that would work...

Seriousally, I have no idea what I'm going to do...
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Fishies [Jul. 25th, 2007|04:13 pm]
[i'm feeling rather |pissed offpissed off]
[beautiful noise |Playing Bombastic]

So many of you prolly own a fish tank and know what a pain in the butt it is...I LOVE MY FISH, even if it is a lot of work to maintain the tank. While we were out of town, Kyle's mom was watching our cats and the fish...mainly feeding them and such...I come home to find that the cat's litter box was never cleaned and that my fish had been WAY overfed to the point were I'm sure Gray the snail and Falfel the Cory Cat aren't going to make it...the Betta can handle it just fine. There was this horrible slime at the bottom of the tank and I had to do a 50% water change, change the filter, soak all the decerations and try to gravel vac and get all the slime out which isn't happening. This is A LOT of fucking work and all she had to do was feed a little a day and not drop the whole fucking thing of food in...like half the food was gone when I got home...AUGH! I don't know...hopefully my fish won't die and my tank will clear up. I'm going to go to work tomorrow and by some stuff to break down all the waste and maybe put some extra carbon in there and see if that helps...I watch her stupid dog all the time and he is a pain in the ass, fishing fish isn't...*shakes head*
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Pass It On : Backstage Pass: The Business of a Rock Band [Jul. 24th, 2007|12:40 am]
[i'm feeling rather |amusedamused]

Melissa formerly of Aesma Daeva's current band Visions of Atlantis is doing this. Check it out! It's free and informative!!!

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS to participate in month long education program developed for high school and college students across Minnesota during their North American Tour

For four weeks beginning September 10, The Minnesota Shubert Center (Minnesota's new flagship for dance and music) will hop on the tour bus with Austro-American band Visions of Atlantis and Dutch band Epica on their North American tour to reveal how a band takes its music from idea to album to stage.

Q: What is Backstage Pass?

Backstage Pass is a mutimedia real-time online and interactive education lesson for American Students (and everybody else interested) , lasting for over one month.

Backstage Pass: The Business of a Rock Band, will follow the Austro-American band Visions of Atlantis and Dutch band Epica on their North American tour and expose the inner workings of what it takes to bring their music from concept to album to the stage.

Not only will Backstage Pass expose the bands, but it will also expose the world of music business behind the scenes! From September 10-October 5, interviews with record company professionals, booking agents, entertainment lawyers, sound engineers, record producers, music magazine writers and more will be posted! They will tell YOU what it takes to be a part of their world…even Napalm's President!

Anyone interested in the rock music business will be able to access the program due to it being presented through the Minnesota Shubert Center website (www.mnshubert.org/backstagepass), completely free of cost.

Q: What are we gonna see there?
What will you see?

Video interviews
Backstage footage
Blogs by the band members
Revealing of the world behind what you see on stage
Fun projects and prizes
Forum where you can ask the musicians and music business pros questions and have them directly answered!
Scheduled chat sessions
Topics that will be covered:

Why is there a business around music?
How do bands write music?
What is a record label, how does it work, and how do I get my band signed?
The changing landscape of marketing a band
Releasing an album: The process beyond creating the music
Booking a tour…what is involved?
The myth of "sex, drugs & rock -n- roll"
Entertainment law: Knowing your rights as an artist
Distribution outlets
Magazines, music television & radio
And SO much more

In addition, the EPICA and VISIONS OF ATLANTIS concert in St. Paul, Minnesota on Wednesday, September 19th will be webcast live via the Minnesota Shubert Center website for anyone to log in and view.

Q: How can visitors/Students participate?

Three times per week, the website will be updated with interviews, blogs, and journals. Through the forum and chat sessions, participants can ask the artists and business professionals questions and have them directly answered. The program will also contain projects that if completed and sent in to the Shubert Center, will be rewarded by the bands!

In addition, the concert in St. Paul, MN on Wednesday, September 19th will be webcast live via the Minnesota Shubert Center website for anyone to log in and view.

Visit: Backstage Pass to sign up for updates after August 1st (totally free). Login starts September 10.

Q: So how does this work?

Simply visit the MN Shubert website on September 10 through October 5th. New interviews and footage will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Log into the forum anytime to ask the bands or music business pros questions or chat with other guests. Chat sessions will be announced one week prior to it being scheduled, so come back often.

Visit: Backstage Pass to sign up for updates after August 1st (totally free). Login starts September 10!
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Minnesota... [Jul. 24th, 2007|12:24 am]
[i'm feeling rather |annoyedannoyed]
[beautiful noise |Delerium]

I'm trying to figure out what I want to write to describe my trip but I can't think of any one word...I think it was a waste of money and energy, but I got a tattoo and I got to Melissa and Earl which was awesome and Denny...and of course my cousins...my parents sort of ruined most of the trip for me by bringing up pretty much everything that pisses them off about me and for no reason, just to start a fucking fight. Kyle and I finally got fed up with it and left like 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon 2 days before we planned on leaving we were sooo bad. Kyle is pissed and refuses to talk to them until they promise to be civil, I don't blame him. We didn't travel 500 miles to be bitched at...Fuuucccckkk THAT!

Anyhoo so there were some highlights of the trip...seeing my Grandma, my cousins, Reese, and of course Melissa and Earl and my old manager Denny. We got in late Wednesday night and Thursday we just went around and went to Rosedale and visited Denny and Tomodachi and got more Gloomy and Domo crap and ate at Big Bowl than went to Uptown and stuff, that night we went and saw Ratatouille. It's really cute. Friday we had my party at Davanni's and such and than that right we hung out with Melissa and Earl at the Whiskey. It was A LOT of fun! :) Saturday we got our tattoos and than ended up leaving and going straight to the show. That's about it...we didn't really do a whole lot of exciting stuff...

That's really all I have to say...check out the pictures here....
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Seeking the sun in the Sunderlies! [Jul. 15th, 2007|11:03 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]
[i'm feeling rather |disappointeddisappointed]
[beautiful noise |RE4 load music...]

Seeking the sun in the Sunderlies! Where are you going
    To Samranth, to Samranth.
Why do you sail
    To the Sunderlies shore?
The law says that I've sinned so
    That I am exiled.
Ne'er to see home again,
    Just these damn isles!
Ah, my past crime's been paid for,
    my new life begun.
Under the sun, under the sun,
    On the Sunderlies shore!
Seeking the sun in the Sunderlies!

Finished yet another Gayle Greeno book today. I'm surprised she never became very popular her writing is simply amazing. I suppose I read far too much fantasy. I guess when I was really sick all I did was read because I never left the house and some how, it made me feel better...I have always been one to get lost in fantasy very easily and let a book pretty much cloud my reality. I really dislike it when you follow characters all throught these books and than someone dies...:( Makes you sad...I just finished reading Sunderlies Seeking the first book in the new series...new meaning the second series of Ghatti books...granted she hasn't written a book in 7 years.

If you have a chance pick up one of her books. The first one in the series is The Ghatti's Tale : Finders-Seekers.

In other news we leave for Minnesota on Wednesday. we will be in Minnesota for Wednesday night until Sunday or Monday. I'm sad that none of my friends have even contacted to hang out with me. Sad is sort of an understatement depressed is more of the word I'm looking for here. I know Melissa is making time to hang out with us and she's a rock star...hehe

My glasses broke today which also sucks so now I have to wear thise HUGE old pair that I have or tape my other pair together hehe...I'll prolly try to get new ones well in Minnesota.

Kyle's show is Saturday night at the Garage and if anyone wants to come we will be more than happy to get rides for people...

Anyhoo...I'm going to play some RE4 and read and go to sleep...
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