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Minnesota... - Flow my tears, fall from your springs, [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Minnesota... [Jul. 24th, 2007|12:24 am]
[i'm feeling rather |annoyedannoyed]
[beautiful noise |Delerium]

I'm trying to figure out what I want to write to describe my trip but I can't think of any one word...I think it was a waste of money and energy, but I got a tattoo and I got to Melissa and Earl which was awesome and Denny...and of course my cousins...my parents sort of ruined most of the trip for me by bringing up pretty much everything that pisses them off about me and for no reason, just to start a fucking fight. Kyle and I finally got fed up with it and left like 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon 2 days before we planned on leaving we were sooo bad. Kyle is pissed and refuses to talk to them until they promise to be civil, I don't blame him. We didn't travel 500 miles to be bitched at...Fuuucccckkk THAT!

Anyhoo so there were some highlights of the trip...seeing my Grandma, my cousins, Reese, and of course Melissa and Earl and my old manager Denny. We got in late Wednesday night and Thursday we just went around and went to Rosedale and visited Denny and Tomodachi and got more Gloomy and Domo crap and ate at Big Bowl than went to Uptown and stuff, that night we went and saw Ratatouille. It's really cute. Friday we had my party at Davanni's and such and than that right we hung out with Melissa and Earl at the Whiskey. It was A LOT of fun! :) Saturday we got our tattoos and than ended up leaving and going straight to the show. That's about it...we didn't really do a whole lot of exciting stuff...

That's really all I have to say...check out the pictures here....

From: chadmuska
2007-07-24 02:11 pm (UTC)
what shop did you go to for your tattoos?
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[User Picture]From: tornpaperdolly
2007-07-25 05:02 am (UTC)
Saint Sabrina's...that's normally where I go for piercings, but I've never had a tattoo done there...
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