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Photography, Photography, Photography!!! - Flow my tears, fall from your springs, [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Photography, Photography, Photography!!! [Jul. 31st, 2007|05:17 pm]
[i'm feeling rather |annoyedannoyed]

Photography, Photography, Photography!!! So...life has been life as of late...I am very upset with my job and by far need a new one. I am found out something that makes me so mad it almost made me throw up last night. They hired a fucking parttime cashier and are paying her fucking 10 dollars an hour...mind you, part time and mind you I am going broke making not even 9.50 an hour...fuck this job...I mean I love the animals...but hate the fucking bullshit.

Augh...in other news...the girl who wanted me to take pictures of her I guess decided to have a friend of her's do it instead which she should of just done in the first place. Not to sound like a bitch, but I fucking hate when people waste my time...

Last night was Attrition with High Blue Star and of course The_Nascent. It's like a 3 course meal...they have to go together!!! Of course Sean feed us to our hearts content with his amazing Hummus and a HUGE salad. If only Kyle could cook like that...hehe :) It was by far the_Nascent's best show yet. Their energy was unbelieve. I am way fucking proud of my boys like you wouldn't believe. Kyle has finally taken a huge job out of his shell and I was so happy I almost cried. I love him so much and just seeing him up there makes me so happy I could brust. *lol*

Of course drama couldn't be avoided DJ Duche showed up and tried to rule the show, when wait, he had nothing at all to do with it. It was all promoted by Kyle and Sean. Kyle and Sean made all the fliers. Kyle and Sean booked the bands, and wait, Kyle and Sean are in a band so wait...isn't the show about the bands? He couldn't even fucking say he was sorry about my pictures and I avoided him the whole night afarid if he said 2 words to me I would snap...I hate fucking poser DJ, attention getting whores...don't take credit for things you didn't do...I would rather rant here than cause something in public, so, fuck you.

Next was High Blue Star whom I love, I just want to hear some new songs. They stage show is always lots of fun to watch and Laurie has an amazing voice and for having an electronic kit, Christof rules...

Attrition was even more amazing than when they played here last time. It's shocking how 3 people can put on such a moving stage show. Martian is by far the god of industrial even if he is not credited to it and when you mix in Laurie's vocals and amazing stage performe you get a great show. I took a lot of pictures and was amazing at how good they turned out without a flash. I will give the digital camera credit for that. I've realized that Davey's + flash tends to make pretty shitty pictures.

Anyhoo...that's pretty much it...I was supposed to have an interview with Home Depot yesterday, they called like 3 times to confirm it and than I went there and they told me to call today and reschedule it and than the lady never calls me back. I guess I will just try again tomorrow. Kyle didn't have to go into work until noon and he's getting off at like 6 so he should be home soon. :)

The_Nascent also had a show on Saturday, yah, they have been everywhere like 3 shows in 2 weeks!!! :) They played with theStart another fucking awesome band!!! I will see them next time they come thru!!! They rocked!!!

Last but not least, a few pictures from last night...more can be found
here, along with images of The_Nascent in MN and theStart show on Saturday and many more concert images...